It goes without saying that fruits and vegetables are rich sources of vitamins and other nutrients that help keep the body in optimal shape. Dieticians recommend consuming ample amounts of veggies and fruits for a well-balanced diet. Fruits and vegetables are, however, a good source of fiber too and eating them in large proportions can put a strain on the digestive system.

benefits-juicingHere is a little secret that can help you derive the maximum dietary benefits of fruits and vegetables without overwhelming your digestive system:  start juicing. Juicing is not just kinder to the gut; its benefits go far beyond that.  Here is why you should start relying on organic juices obtained from raw fruits and vegetables.

  1. They Are Truly Rich

Processed juices contain plenty of additives especially hidden sugars that waste no time in adding to your body weight. Artificial flavors are another of the additives found in processed juices. Organic juices, on the other hand, are free of added substances. The nutritional value of raw juices is, without doubt, higher than the processed juices. Their rich nutrient content helps deliver the natural goodness of fruits and vegetables in their true essence.

  1. Better Digestion

As stated earlier, juicing helps extract the nutritional benefits of fruits and vegetables without overburdening the digestive system with the added task of breaking down their fiber content. The nutrients, therefore, are easier to absorb into the blood stream.

  1. A Healthy Alternative to Meals

In people who are following strict dietary regimes, juicing is a healthy alternative to meals since juices contain well-balanced amount of all the essential nutrients. Juicing can help replenish the nutrients levels that become depleted as a result of dietary restriction, keeping you healthy and hearty. Juices can also be used as a snack in between meals in order to suppress the hunger and induce satiety without putting on any extra pounds.

  1. Happy Hydrating

Fruit and vegetable juices are an excellent way to keep your body water replenished and your taste buds happy at the same time. Home-extracted juices can easily replace water. They are a more delicious on-the-go source of hydration that can help maintain the water content of your body all the time, especially during the harsh summers.

  1. Health Benefits

Studies have shown organic fruit and vegetable juices to have higher anti-oxidant content than processed ones1. Anti-oxidants play a vital role in preventing the clogging of blood vessels which is the basic mechanism underlying coronary artery diseases as well as stroke.  By protecting blood vessels, homemade juices dramatically reduce the incidence of heart attack and stroke.  


Juicing at home also helps avoid the harms of added sugars in processed fruits. Studies have shown that sugars lurking within the processed beverages are the shortest road towards obesity and type 2 diabetes mellitus, especially in women2.

Fruit and vegetable juices are an easier way to eat all those veggies and fruits that are otherwise hard to eat.  For a healthy and wholesome lifestyle, now is the right time to start juicing your fruits and vegetables at home.

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