Ground and mashed turmericWhen you think of turmeric, you probably think of a yellow-orange powder that you rarely use in your own home cooking, unless you frequently cook Indian or Southeast Asian dishes. But did you know that turmeric offers some serious health benefits?

Turmeric supplements can reduce inflammation and help keep you young, by combating the routine damage that our vital organs take in the process of daily life. The miracle compound within turmeric is called curcumin, and its strength lies in blocking a particular enzyme that causes inflammation, which naturally ravages our body over time.

Here are just a few of the health benefits that you’ll find as pleasant ‘side effects’ of taking turmeric supplements:


A Decrease in Inflammation

Studies on curcumin’s association with key indicators of inflammation within the blood have shown unequivocally that curcumin correlates with lowered levels of CRP, a protein that indicates inflammation and organ damage.

A Younger Brain

Recent studies have shown that curcumin facilitates the production of growth hormones responsible for increased brain function. Scientists conjecture that higher levels of such hormones are associated with sharper thinking and increased memory capacity, two elements that unfortunately can decrease with age. In this way, curcumin has been associated with keeping the brain young.

Prevention of Cognitive Decline

Decreased cognition has been associated with certain proteins. However, these proteins can be dissolved by the body’s immune system, and curcumin may assist in waging war against the protein perpetrators of reduced cognitive functioning. Clinical studies have revealed that curcumin actually has the ability to enter the brain, attach to protein debris, and help the body break it down, effectively stopping the foray of these proteins into the territory of your cognition.

Reclaiming Your Short-Term Memory

A study conducted in the land down under (that’s Australia for all you folks north of the Equator) discovered that adults over the age of sixty with predispositions to memory loss saw a dramatic increase in short term memory after engaging in daily ingestion of curcumin supplements.

Improved Heart-Health

Curcumin has been shown by research to effectively prevent cholesterol oxidation, which is the buildup of cholesterol on your arteries and veins, eventually causing heart disease, and in worst cases, death. Curcumin has also been conjectured to prevent the formation of unwanted blood clots, lower harmful cholesterols in the blood, and increase healthy cholesterols.

Reduced Joint Pain


Curcumin has been shown to ease up joint pain as much as various other more popular approaches (that is, topical agents, physical therapy, injections, and medication) Curcumin has also been reported to decrease stiffness and reduce swelling, all without unpleasant side effects. 

Balancing The Mood 

A perfectly balanced mood can be difficult to achieve, but studies have shown that curcumin is as effective as mainstream treatments for the improvement of mood (such as vitamin supplements).

An Aid to Digestion

Curcumin’s promotes healthy digestion as well, aiding in the reduction of gastrological discomfort (pain in your tummy perhaps associated with eating).

So, there you have it! Turmeric is not just an essential spice in the rack if you’re planning on making some curry, but an amazing plant product with incredibly medicinal power that can facilitate the overall health of your body, deflecting the symptoms of old age and keeping you youthful.

But…Not all forms of turmeric are created equal…

Most of the turmeric supplements you see in stores come in the form of encapsulated powders. The truth is with turmeric powder you may be getting very little actual benefit.

Turmeric powder has a fairly low bioavailability (meaning that a good portion of it isn’t properly absorbed by your body), it often isn’t very fresh, and it’s sometimes made with harsh processes that can destroy or degrade turmeric’s healthful components.

Because turmeric is hard to absorb, it must be formulated in a certain way allowing the body to absorb and utilize its entire spectrum of nutrients.

So if you want to see actual benefit from turmeric, you need to be sure you are taking a highly bioavailable one.

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