CBD enriched Hemp Oil has been hitting the headlines recently, largely owing to the fact that throughout Europe and the USA the purchase of CBD products are  now LEGAL – provided they carry less than 0.3% (0.2% uk) THC (tetrahydrocannabinol).

CBD (cannabidiol) itself is not a controlled substance and is therefore 100% legal.

Although CBD products are widely promoted for their medicinal qualities, they cannot be sold over the counter as a medicine, but rather as a ‘food additive’ or supplement.

cbd oil

So What is CBD?

Cannabidiol is in fact a product of the industrial hemp plant Cannabis Sativa. It is one of over 100 cannabinoids present in this plant and is retrieved from the flowers, stem and leaves of the plant.

Hemp seed oil is another important oil from the hemp plant, but this is extracted from the seeds of the plant only and most importantly does not have ANY cannabinoids present.

Hemp seed oil is traditionally used as a food dressing and is rich in omega 3,6, and 9 fatty acids, amongst other health boosting minerals.

CBD Hemp Oil Capsules:

CBD can be consumed in a number of ways including hemp oil: CBD infused sweets or edibles; CBD tablets, CBD sprays or inhalers, and CBD capsules.

The benefits of ingesting CBD in capsule form are what attracts many to including CBD in their daily supplement intake for the following reasons…

CBD Capsules are Tasteless: This is an important point especially if you are trying to persuade children to take the softgels form of CBD. This is mainly because hemp oil in its raw form can have a real ‘grassy’ taste and it has to be said can leave a bitter unpleasant memory on the tongue!

Similar to Cod liver oil (which still makes me shudder) the capsule version of hemp oil is a way to counter the unpleasant taste.

Capsules are simpler to measure: When taking a dose of CBD oil by the dropper or spoon it is easy to get confused over just how much of a dose you have actually taken. With the capsules it is a simple matter of counting out the daily dosage according to the instructions on the pack. They can also be taken alongside any other daily supplements

Easy To Transport: Capsules are so much easier to transport rather than a bottle of oil which could potentially leak into your pocket. Also the capsules are not a problem for airlines which restrict the amount of fluid you can carry onto the airplane.

Other Uses For CBD:

CBD Hemp oil has a huge number of applications when it comes to alternative remedies for common sickness or conditions. Notwithstanding the fact that for the time-being it can only be sold as a ‘food supplement’, it is claimed to be efficacious against such diverse conditions as diabetes, cancer, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and general pain relief – to name just a few!

Can You Get High With CBD?

In a word – NO. CBD has none of the hallucinogenic qualities associated with the cannabis plant. This is because it is the THC element that gives the ‘buzz’ that the cannabis users crave. CBD is non-psychotic and is therefore of no interest to cannabis users.

For more information on the uses and benefits of CBD enriched hemp oil follow This Link for all the information you will need on the many and varied uses for CBD hemp oil