Many people are more worried about the risks of tattoos than their health benefits. Often, the tattoos’ benefits to your body are overlooked as people are more scared of the dangers that come along with getting a tattoo. However, many tattoo studios prioritise the safety and health of each client. Therefore, they ensure that health officers inspect their premises yearly. Additionally, all the supplies and equipment are sourced from reputable manufacturers.


You want to ensure that the shop you are getting your tattoo done at is clean to minimise risks of infections.

Let’s have a look at the six top health benefits of tattoos.

  1. Reduce stress

According to research, high levels of cortisol, a stress hormone, plays a crucial role in increased stress levels. It was found that people with several tattoos had lower cortisol levels compared to those without any. A person with high cortisol levels may experience things like high blood pressure, slow cognitive response, weight gain, headaches and migraines. When this stress hormone is at high levels, it can result in both mental and physical detriments of stress.

Moreover, people with multiple tattoos had inhibited cortisol response, and they experienced minimal stress.

  1. Enhance athletic performance


Tattoos offer athletic benefits by lowering cortisol levels. Athletes exercise hard to reduce the levels of cortisol because this stress hormone may prevent your body from recovering quickly. When the cortisol levels are low, your body heals much faster after a long training session. The shorter recovery period is quite vital for your muscles’ growth.

Soccer players are not the only ones who want to reduce cortisol levels. Powerlifters, runners, and any other athletes are trying different methods like mouth guards and supplements to improve their performance.

  1. Boost your immune system

Research has unveiled that tattoos stimulate your body’s immune response and improve your immune system. While being tattooed, your immune response is triggered. A person with multiple tattoos has high levels of immunoglobulin A. This is an antibody that supports your respiratory, gastrointestinal and immune systems. Increased immunoglobulin A levels help the body to fight off foreign bodies and infections.

Your body’s immune system improves after a long workout fighting the intruder.

However, one tattoo cannot benefit the immune system as multiple tattoos do. Your first tattoo leaves the immune system a bit vulnerable because something is attacking it. The second tattoo triggers and strengthens the immune system more, thereby combating illnesses.

  1. Improve your self-esteem and confidence

tattoo-researchResearch carried out on 2,395 students has linked self-esteem with tattoos. When one gets a fresh tattoo, they will have a hyper feeling and can be confident enough to go out and show it to friends. A good example is when the fresh tattoo’s ink matches with a perfect outfit. Tattooing helps you understand that there are still things that you can control over your life. The self-esteem soared after tattooing enables you to reclaim your emotions, especially when suffering from depression, which results in an immediate confidence boost.

  1. Help with depression and anxiety

Although tattooing might not treat your depression or anxiety, it could help you cope with these situations. Tattoos that represent your past life or the difficulties that you have gone through can help you overcome and show that you are capable, brave and strong. Most people often gain confidence after their first tattoo, and their new look encourages them to get out of the house after a terrible heartbreak or painful incidents.

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  1. Tattoos help improve vaccines

By studying tattooing, scientists are discovering new ways of making vaccines more effective with lower production costs. Rather than using the traditional needle, scientists are using tattoos as the method for delivering vaccines. This delivery method is done through DNA vaccines, which provides multiple doses safely within a single session. This results in higher cellular immune response and humoral than using traditional injections for vaccines. It is 16 times more effective than conventional needles.

Written by Dorian Davis, Tattoo artist & removal expert, and author of The Laserless Tattoo Removal Guide™