Arthritis Caused By This Everyday Food

Osteoarthritis is sometimes called wear-and-tear arthritis.

It occurs when the cartilage in your joints wears away and causes the surrounding bones to rub against each other.

The medical system claims that this is caused by strain on the joints, like working in jobs that require carrying heavy loads, or being under the strain of too much body weight.

However, a new study reveals that a specific food group—one that almost all of us consume too much of—may be the biggest contributor to osteoarthritis.

And cutting down on this specific type of food could reverse joint pain.

Initially, scientists wanted to study the effects of a high-fat versus low-fat diet, along with its effects on the development of osteoarthritis in mice.

Thus, they put the mice on diets containing various amounts of fat and tested their knee joints over time.

Predictably, they found that higher dietary fat increased fatty acid metabolic enzymes inside the mice’s joint cartilage, a change that can give rise to arthritis.

But the more interesting finding was that the mice on low-fat diets were no safer from osteoarthritis, due to the high amounts of carbohydrates in their diets.

In fact, when they put the mice on high-carbohydrate diets, those with a normal body weight and those who were obese had the same risk for arthritis, showing that weight alone was not the culprit.

When the scientists increased the amount of sucrose (table sugar) in their diets, the mice showed an increase in joint inflammation, a clear sign of arthritis.

But cutting down on sugar is only a piece of the puzzle. To completely reverse arthritis, you should follow the 3-steps found here for a period of 21 days…