High-Uric-Acid-foodsHigh levels of blood uric acid increases your risk of developing gout; and people with pre-existing gout will aggravate their condition if they keep their blood uric acid levels elevated. Gout, a common inflammatory condition that affects primarily middle-aged men, manifesting itself through joint pain and inflammation. While there are a number of treatments available for this condition, the diet a person follows has a tremendous influence. The gout diet, as it is also known, includes foods that lower the levels of uric acid in the blood. Many of these foods have anti-inflammatory properties and a low content in purines, the substances which are responsible for the acute gout attacks (flares).

Low uric acid diet – overview

Gout coffeeAccording to the Palo Alto Medical Foundation, it is possible to decrease the levels of blood uric acid and prevent gout attacks through a low-fat diet. The gout diet should also include higher levels of dairy products (low fat as well) and certain beverages, such as coffee. Vegetables are also capable of reducing the levels of uric acid, as opposed to fats and fruits that are rich in fructose. The gout diet is mainly based on low-purine foods, as it is pointed out by the Gout & Uric Acid Education Society. Apart from low-fat dairy, patients should also consume nuts and grains.

Low-fat dairy products, the key to the problem

A study published in The New England Journal of Medicine demonstrated that the consumption of low-fat dairy products can reduce the levels of serum uric acid, thus lowering the risk of gout (and particularly acute flares). Participants in the study were asked to consume low-fat dairy products, such as skim milk and yoghurt for several months. It was discovered that the proteins contained in these products, particularly casein and lactalbumin, were actually able to reduce serum uric acid levels. These products are low in purine, as opposed to other protein sources, such as red meat or seafood.

Cherry juice concentrate, essential for gout prophylaxis


Cherries are among the most beneficial foods for gout patients, as they can reduce uric acid levels and relieve joint inflammation. According to a study published in the Arthritis Journals, cherry juice concentrate can reduce acute flares in gout patients. The same positive properties were identified for the actual fruits; these are rich in antioxidants and they are able to decrease uric acid levels to a normal, healthy level.

What are the other foods that lower blood uric acid levels?

According to the recommendations made by the American Medical Association, gout patients should consume more complex carbs, such as whole grains. The protein intake should be derived mainly from fish (salmon) and poultry; avoiding seafood, fatty meats, organ meats and processed meats. As for fats, only a small percent should be in the form of animal fat. Other recommended foods include dark berries, tofu, olive oil, flaxseed, celery, pineapple and certain spices, such as turmeric.

An Okinawan Solution to High Uric Acid Levels

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Simply by ceasing to do things that further bring imbalance in your body (warning: some of these are recommended by doctors!), consuming particular nutrients in specific quantities, and doing a couple of weird but effective movements, gout can be eradicated quickly, permanently and most importantly – safely!

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All-natural Okinawan system that eradicates gout

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