blood-glucose-remediesOften the dis-regulation of blood glucose can cause undesired damage to the body. This leads to the quick diagnosis of the disease, diabetes type II. However, this diagnosis can be prevented, and controlled, with the use of natural herbs and spices, consumed either fresh/dried or supplements.

The natural detoxing elements of many herbs and spices have been at the center of diabetic prevention research for years—and, for good reason. The best method of prevented a disease from beginning and rooting it out of the body are more effective when the body is allowed to fix itself organically. This fact alone has launched the research of many herbs and spices from all of the world; and, a select few are now being distributed regularly as a safe and effective form of lowering high blood glucose levels.

Here are the top 5 blood sugar lowering herbs and spices on the market today!

The Benefits of Cinnamon

cinnamon-blood-glucoseThe benefits:

  • Currently the most researched method of blood sugar control
  • Easy to access physically and in supplement form
  • Can be discussed with your doctor for best dosage
  • Higher doses can benefit some but not others

Cinnamon is the most promising herb found in most anti-diabetic research to date. In clinical research, the herb was found to lower blood sugar levels significantly after each subject was given a dose-dependent prescription. This initial research budded in 2006, but is still going on today because more and more positive research is being discovered.

Read more about how to Improve your Blood Glucose with Cinnamon here.

Bitter Melon as A Supplement

The benefits:

  • Been known to work for years
  • Easy to order online in physical and supplement form

Used in most Asian countries for decades in diabetes treatment, research has recently begun for bitter melon. Still in early stages of research, scientists have found that this fruit has proven effective for treating diabetes and lowering blood sugar.


Drink A Cup of Un-Sugared Green Tea

The benefits:

  • Easy to incorporate into daily routine
  • More health benefits than just blood glucose decreasing
  • Works best alongside gradual exercise

Green tea has many health benefits—energy-boosting, maintaining internal pH levels, and decreasing high blood sugar. Plus, the list goes on. Effective for easily consumption and gradual blood glucose depletion, here is one front runner in the research game.

Trying Out Delicious Ginseng

ginseng-supplementThe benefits:

  • Fasting blood sugar levels will drop progressively
  • More accessible in physical form and supplement form

In a study during 2011 (read more here), subjects were given doses of ginseng versus a placebo; after a term of 6 weeks, the glycated hemoglobin levels (a measure of blood glucose control) of the ginseng consuming group had decreased by an incredible 4%. So, this herb is definitely worth a try in your blood glucose lowering journey.

Add an Element of Chromium to Your Diet

The benefits:

  • Essential for blood glucose control
  • Low doses work just fine
  • Often in most of the healthier foods you eat on a day to day basis

The method which always is included in lowering blood sugar is consuming trace amounts of chromium. However, research in India has found that consuming the herb straight from plants that include it are most effective at lowing blood sugar, along with curbing the effects of various other diseases. Chromium can also be easily accessed through vegetables, most notably broccoli.

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