Are you looking for the most effective exercises that strengthen your calves? Do you want to improve in your sports or help prevent ailments such as shin splints or plantar fasciitis? You don’t have to look any further. Luckily, the exercise can be conducted in the comfort of your home. Besides, the exercise does not require the use of sophisticated tools. Read on for tips on how you can strengthen your calves.

  1. Seated calf raises.

Calf muscles are essential for foot flexion, which facilitates activities such as running and walking. Seated calve raises involve the use of a bench and extra weight to increase the exercise’s effect. The weight adds more resistance to improve the strength in the calves. Ensure you angle the knees at 90 degrees to achieve the proper posture.


The effect of using a plank to raise toes also achieves the desired effect. Raise the back heel of your feet until you feel the muscles of your calves stretch. Be consistent with calf raises to achieve faster results. Seated calf raises are effective forms of home calf strengthening exercises. However, remember to rest to give your muscles enough time to recover.

  1. Lateral lunge.

Lateral lunges are home calf strengthening exercises that do not require the use of additional weight. To perform a perfect lateral lunge, step forward with one foot while hinging your hips backward. The lunges generate a direct effect on the calf muscles. Besides, you can add more weight by using dumbbells or other weights to deliver more pressure to the calves.


  1. Jumping jacks.

stop-shin-painJumping jacks are recommended home calf strengthening exercises. The jumping jacks do not require additional weight to achieve the desired results. In this exercise, you place your feet together and jump while spreading the feet and clapping. Finally, return your hands on the sides. Repeat the exercise until the calf muscles adapt to the pressure.

  1. Downward dog.

Downward dog is a home calf strengthening exercise that uses only a small area of your home. The exercise can be done in an indoor or outdoor environment. The procedure of achieving a perfect downward dog involves arching the body in a tabletop position. Place the arms steadily on the ground and tuck the toes. Finally, raise your waist after straightening the knees to send more effect to the calves.


  1. Standing calf raises.

Standing calf raises are a more common form of calf strengthening exercises. In this form of exercise, you stand with your feet closed. You then raise your feet at the heels with your arms on both sides. You can also use dumbbells to add weight to the exercise. The exercise focuses on the calves, enhancing their strength. Repeat this exercise for effective results.

  1. Resistance band exercise.

In this home calf strengthening exercise, you will need a resistance band as an aid to achieve desired results. The band adds stress to the feet, which then develops the strength in calves. Start the exercise by wrapping the band at the end of your feet and extending the feet forward. Maintain the leg position and return to the original position. Repeatedly conduct the exercise for strength build-up.

  1. Step up with hop.

In this exercise, you take a step up while ensuring effective transmission of pressure to calf muscles. Place one foot on the step and hop to reach the level of the hip. Repeat this and change over to the other leg. The calf muscles will develop significantly.


  1. Agility ladder.

The agility ladder calf exercise is simple and easy to follow. As you are stuck in your home, you might have limited options to access the gym. The use of an agility ladder will give you outstanding results. Stand at the end of the agility ladder and hop to the other edge. Chalk or tape can be used to define the edges of the ladder.

Bottom Line

Strengthening calves can turn out to be a hopeless process when the right procedures are neglected. The exercises mainly involve focused exercises on the calf muscles. The attention on calves triggers rapid muscle growth and strength build-up. After a few weeks of exercising, you will start to notice the changes. From the tips above, you can effectively strengthen your calves. Now put that adrenaline to work and develop rocking calves!


Authored by Gary Buchenic – Personal Trainer, and author of Stop Shin Splints Forever and Jeremy Roberts -Exercise Rehabilitation Specialist & Author of the Fast Plantar Fasciitis Cure™