Hip replacement surgery is becoming more and more common every year. In fact, there were twice as many procedures performed last year than there were a decade ago. One of the best ways to make sure you don’t end up a statistic is to take care of your hips now. Here are some natural ways to get a leg up on your hip health.


See a Specialist about Consistent Hip Pain

You will be better off if you have hip issues diagnosed early. Researchers have found that hip impingement symptoms decrease through the avoidance of specific motions and by performing proper strengthening exercises. Yet, to eliminate impingement, it is sometimes necessary to perform surgery that is minimally invasive. In the long run, this will help preserve your hip and avoid the need for a hip replacement.

If your hip pain is a nagging, consistent problem or intense, talk to your primary care doctor. They will be able to refer you to a hip specialist or orthopedic surgeon. Mostly, do not ignore your joint pain if you want to preserve your hip.

Exercise Regularly

There is a seemingly endless list of reasons why you should be exercising regularly. When it pertains to hip health, exercise will help you strengthen your core, or the muscles around your back and hips. Your hips remain in better alignment and have more support when your core is strong. In turn, this will keep your hips pain-free and healthy.

The experts suggest you do various types of exercises. For instance, you could hike, walk, swim, hop on an elliptical machine, and bike. Without overtaxing the joints and muscles in one area, you will use different muscle groups to gain overall flexibility and strength.

Stay at a Healthy Weight

You increase pain in arthritic joints and cause arthritis to rapidly progress when you carry around excess weight. Maintaining a proper weight will give you healthy hip joints and help you avoid the need for hip replacement surgery later in life. You gain an additional 75 to 100 pounds of pressure across the joints for every 10 pounds you put on. After a certain point, your cartilage will begin to break down. As a matter of fact, the risk of painful arthritis in women is cut in half when you lose just eleven pounds over the course of a decade.

By following these recommendations, you can count on healthy hips late into your golden years.