sleep-tipsIf you are looking to get a good night’s sleep, you need to prepare during the day. Below, you will find a few tips to help you get that incredible nights sleep.

Flux App

Many of us deal with technology on a daily basis, so it would seem absurd that it could actually lead to a peaceful night. However, this app knows exactly what time the sunsets in your times down and will soften and dark in the light of your device to trigger the correct signals as to the time a day to your brain. It is an incredible app that is well worth trying.

EMF Phone Cover

This particular phone cover helps to shield us from the harmful rays that are emitted from our cell phone, and allow us to focus on getting a good sleep.

Technology Ban In The Bedroom

The bedroom needs to be for just sleeping and sexual encounters only. Take all of the technology that is in the bedroom out and make it into a special sanctuary.

Warm Bath Before Bed

There is nothing quite like a warm bath for bedtime. However for the absolute best in relaxation and a little bit of lavender or magnesium to help relax those aching muscles. This will allow you to slide directly into bed in a relaxed state of mind.

Self Oil Massage

Once you have laid down, you want to gently massage your hands and feet to help work out the tension. `For an extra calming feel try sesame or coconut oil.

Costco Mattress

The Costco mattress is getting great reviews and could be a great addition to your nighttime routine.

Lavender Oil Feet

While this tip may seem rather odd, you would be surprised at how a little bit of lavender oil can feel on your feet. We know that it sounds crazy, but try it just wants and feel the miracle.

No Pressure

If you are in bed and cannot fall asleep, remember that you were at least getting 80% of the rest that your body needs simply by lying there. This will help to take some of the pressure off of your mind that you need sleep. As the pressure wears off, your body and mind will relax and you will fall asleep.


We have saved the absolute best for last, as meditation is simply the number one way to deal with any form of insomnia. Not being able to sleep wears you down and makes you hate every aspect of your life and job. If you’re looking to learn this incredible meditation technique, contact me today. We have multiple meditation discussions in New York or LA, and can help you on the road to sleep again.