Are you struggling with gout? Are you experiencing pain in the joints that makes you uncomfortable? Is this crippling pain giving you a hard time? Are you looking for natural remedies to save you from this pain? Look no further as this article takes you through the 10 most effective natural remedies for gout.


Gout is a disease caused by a defect in uric acid metabolism. High levels of uric acid in the body put you at a high risk of developing gout. The disease is characterised by inflammation and redness at the joints. Also, gout limits the movement of joints if not treated early. The disease can be treated by natural practices, thereby eliminating the need for medication.

  1. Drinking water

Water is one of the major components of blood in the human body. Water is responsible for body metabolism. Drinking adequate water reduces swelling in the joints. An increase in the intake of water initiates the release of excessive water by the kidney. As a result, the swelling reduces to give relief in the affected joints. Other clear fluids are also helpful in this case. However, water has the most effective results in treating gout compared to other fluids.

  1. Minimising stress

Stress is another factor that can heighten the symptoms of gout. If you are affected by gout, avoid stress as this may worsen its effects. There are effective stress-relieving practices, which include meditation, regular exercise, resting, and avoiding triggers.

  1. Reduce the intake of fish, poultry, and meat

Fish and meat are known to contain a lot of health benefits to the human body. However, eating fish, meat, and other products with high levels of fat increases the chances of gout. However, some compounds found in fish are known to help minimise toxic levels of uric acid. Controlled amounts of fish intake reduces the chances of gout.

  1. Drinking coffee

Coffee lowers levels of uric acid in the body to create the desired balance. A report published by Healthline indicates that people who drink coffee are less likely to be affected by gout. So if you are looking for a simple remedy for gout, you might want to consider increasing your intake of coffee.

  1. Applying ice on affected joints

gout-cureIce is yet another natural remedy for inflammation in the joints. You can gently massage the areas affected by gout with ice in a cup or wrapped in clothing or plastic bag. Ice reduces the inflammation in the joints, relieving your leg from swelling. The procedure should last between 15 and 20 minutes twice a day.

  1. Reducing alcohol intake

The intake of alcohol is known to heighten the threats of developing gout. Alcoholic drinks, such as beer, have high levels of purine. A reduction in the intake of alcohol puts you in a better position in battling gout. A report published by Creakyjoints indicates that frequent alcoholics are likely to develop gout.

  1. Resting your joints

The symptoms of gout may persist due to overworking the joints. In case you experience an increase in inflammation, rest joints by placing your feet on a soft surface. Continued movement of the feet may lead to other extreme conditions. You can also elevate legs to encourage blood flow throughout the legs, reducing inflammation and swelling.

  1. Eat food with low purine

Foods with high levels of purine increase the chances of developing gout. The intake of foods such as bacon and veal will put you at a higher risk of the disease. You should avoid these foods to shield yourself from these joint pains and swelling.

  1. Maintain body weight

Overweight people are at a higher risk of developing gout due to increased pressure on the joints. The pressure causes discomfort in the joints through the stress generated by body weight. Overweight people also have increased levels of uric acid, which is the primary cause of gout. To avoid gout, you might want to maintain healthy body weight.

  1. cherries-for-goutEating cherries

Cherries are one of the most effective and most reliable remedies for gout. Cherries reduce the levels of uric acid in the body. Eating cherries reduces inflammation of the feet joints. Taking a pound of cherries each day minimises cases of gout. Cherries can be taken in the form of fruits or juice after blending.

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