Whether you’re thinking of getting your first tattoo or already have one, do you want to maintain an eye-catching outlook? Your tattoo is, without a doubt, unique to you. But the question is, how do you ensure it lasts for long? Remember getting the tattoo costs you a fortune too.

Like any other thing, tattoos stand out if well looked after. Healthy skincare practices give your tattoo a sleek touch. So the more you take care of your skin, the more appealing your tattoo becomes. Read on for skincare practices for tattoos.

1.    Allow enough healing time.

 A tattoo needs enough time to heal due to damaged skin. When you give your tattoo enough time to heal, the skin rejuvenates. Similarly, the tattoo can get damaged if you do not allow it enough time to heal. Ensure you give your tattoo ample time to heal before indulging in any activities that cause discomfort.

  1. Visit a physician in case of any reaction.

Your skin may react to tattoo ink. The reaction can be a threat to your health if not checked early. Always seek advice from a dermatologist if you experience any of these reactions. The dermatologist will give you the most effective steps to take. However, not every case of reaction needs the dermatologist’s input, especially if the reactions are mild.

  1. Observe hygiene.

General body hygiene is an essential part of human life. The tattoo area also needs regular cleaning to eliminate the risks of infection. The tattoo should be treated with care to avoid damaging the delicate skin. Also, avoid exposing the tattoo to steam as it slows the healing process. Besides, the tattoo can lose ink due to high temperatures. Remember to exfoliate your skin to retain its bold look. Exfoliation gets rid of dead skin and uncovers the vibrant one.

  1. Avoid itching.

The itching sensation mostly occurs during the healing stages of a tattoo. During this process, you want to avoid picking the tattoo area. If you itch the tattoo, the parts of the ink disfigure and tamper with its quality, and may make the tattoo sensitive.

  1. Use sun shields.

tattoo-sun-shieldThe sun can cause tattoos to fade. Therefore, it is crucial to avoid direct contact of sun rays with the tattoos. By doing this, your tattoos will have a better chance of healing. It would be best if you always used sunscreen to shield the tattoos from harmful UV radiation. Remember to always carry your sunscreen in the event of emergencies. You can check out some great tattoo sun shields on 

  1. Use an effective moisturizer.

The condition of your skin changes just after getting a tattoo. That is why it is crucial to moisturize your tattoo just after leaving a tattoo store. Always remember to pick a moisturizer that does not damage your tattoo. Water-based moisturizers are better than petroleum-based moisturizers. Petroleum-based products may cause the fading of the tattoo. As you moisturise, the dry skin repairs to maintain its healthy state.

  1. Refreshing the colour.

The original look of tattoos changes over time. The change is a result of the fading of the ink. One way of keeping your tattoo outstanding is through a timely colour refreshing of the tattoo. This gives it a bursting look, making it appear new. To avoid loss of the glory of your tattoo, always add colour to the faded areas.

  1. Choose appropriate clothing.

In the process of nursing a tattoo, avoid tight clothing. Besides, avoid clothes with loose thread or made from a material that may damage your tattoo. The loose thread and material might end up sticking in the tattoo. As a result, the healing process slows down. So, if you recently got your tattoo, keep away from heavy jeans and thread clothing to minimize damage to the tattoo.

  1. Careful with swimming.

Several sources indicate that swimming can affect the quality of a tattoo. The pool water contains chemicals that can affect your tattoo. As it heals, ensure you stay out of the pool as much as possible to maintain the process.

  1. Maintain your body weight.

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Weight gain or loss primarily affect the general look of a tattoo. Weight loss or weight gain causes the body’s shape to change, affecting the original shape of a tattoo. Check out Dr. James Johnson’s at home neuro-hypnosis program for an effective way to lose weight without strict diets or exercise regimen.

Bottom Line

A tattoo requires several practices to make it outstanding. The above tips will help you keep your tattoos looking like new. Always seek advice from a professional before buying any tattoo maintenance product.

Written by Dorian Davis, tattoo artist & removal expert and author of The Laserless Tattoo Removal Guide™