How To Improve Memory

Our memories are the sum of our lives. They give us a sense of self and connect us to our physical bodies. They make us who we are. But, unfortunately, our memory declines as we age, and for some people, it gets so severe that they forget themselves. It happens due to the structural and functional changes in the brain. Losing your memories is horrifying and can be a frustrating experience. However, as scientists understand the brain more, they are finding new ways to improve memory. Your brain needs new neural connections to improve memory (a phenomenon known as neuroplasticity).

If you have witnessed memory problems recently, here are some evidence-based tips for you to improve your memory.

Reduce Your Sugar Intake

Today, the western diet is laden with sugar. We consume so much sugar that it has become one of the leading causes of many health problems(1). One such problem due to added sugar is memory impairment. A lot of research suggests that high sugar intake leads to poor cognitive functions (1)(2)(3). Thus you must reduce your sugar intake. It not only improves memory but your overall health as well.

Find Time For Meditation

Meditation is an ancient practice that originated in India. It has many benefits for both physical and mental health. Recent research suggests it off-sets age-related memory loss (4)(6). Meditation not only improves memory but enhances attention and regulates emotions as well (5). It can act as a preventive strategy for Alzheimer’s and other age-related neurodegeneration (7).

Maintain A Healthy Sleep Cycle

Sleep plays a critical role in memory consolidation—a process by which short-term memory changes into long-term (8). However, as we get older, our sleep quality declines. It has been established since long that poor sleep leads to poor memory. As a result, it becomes crucial that you get enough sleep. Duration and timings of sleep both are necessary for good memory (9)(11). So sleep smart and maintain a healthy sleep cycle to improve learning and memory.

Train Your Brain With Brain Games

Age-related degeneration of a body part is normal, but it speeds up when we stop using it. The same is the case with the brain. The lesser you use your brain, the more it deteriorates. So to keep it functioning for a longer while, stimulate your brain with brain games. Games that require mental efforts such as crossword puzzles, chess, or even mobile app games that make you think are an excellent way to improve memory (12)(13). Reading can be helpful as well.

Eat A Healthy Diet

Many cognitive problems such as Alzheimer’s have been linked to chronic inflammation and oxidative stress in older adults (14)(15). Inflammation is a natural protective mechanism of the body, but chronic low-level inflammation damages it. In such circumstances, the body needs outside help to contain inflammation. A diet rich in anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant products is an excellent way to prevent neurodegeneration. For example, compounds in turmeric and cocoa have great potential to improve memory and prevent diseases of the brain (16)(17)(18).

Socialize More

Humans are social animals, and, as a result, social interactions are bound to impact our mental health. Research suggests socializing improves brain health and delays memory loss among the elderly (19). Social relationships not only delay memory loss in Alzheimer’s patients but prevent its onset as well (20).

Managing stress levels, reducing alcohol intake, taking exercise regularly, and maintaining a healthy body weight also improve memory (21)(22)(23). There are many more habits that can help you manage your problem. However, you do not need to adapt all of them. Just pick a few and stick to them.

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