For some people, vitiligo can be devastating to the point of blowing their confidence. It drastically changes the skin pigment, resulting in discolored or white skin patches.

The world can be difficult for them, especially when someone has not accepted and embraced their new appearance. Such people face stigma and isolate themselves from the world.

If this skin condition makes you lose confidence, you can take heart in these celebrities living with vitiligo. Most of them wear it proudly in public though some had tried to hide it for some time. Here is a list of famous people with vitiligo.

Steve Martin

Steve Martin has featured in a lot of comedies as well as dominating stand-up comedy for a long time. He has battled this skin condition for decades despite being a comedy legend. At the moment, Steve is focused on expanding his interest in writing and music performing empire.

Jon Hamm

Famous People with Vitiligo

Yes, Jon, the famous Mad Men actor, has vitiligo. In most cases, his condition is triggered by stress, which causes white spots on his hands. Jon continues his acting career – movies and TV – appearing in dramatic and humorous roles. 

Makeup artist covers these skin patches while acting, which is why most people do not know Jon Hamm has vitiligo.

Holly Marie Combs

Like Jon Hamm, Holly is a famous actress and producer living with vitiligo. She featured in the Charmed and Pretty Liars televisions series, but most of the time, her vitiligo is covered up on the screen. When she is with friends or family, Holly is always pretty confident of her condition.

Winnie Harlow

Winnie built her name during America’s Next Top Model show, wowing judges and the crowd with her beautiful, unique look. She used her condition to her advantage, which gave her a distinctive appearance that is both alluring and mesmerizing.

Winnie is an inspiration to most people with vitiligo. Her confidence with this skin condition makes her even more beautiful.

Rasheed Wallace

Rasheed is a professional and famous NBA player who featured in the league for 16 seasons. Rasheed has vitiligo though he is less public about it. He is well known for his four-time NBA All-Star as well as winning the championship with the Detroit Pistons – he now works as an assistant coach of the team.

Dean Edwards

Dean Edwards is a celebrity chef. He has appeared frequently on the television since 2009 to educate and also show his cooking prowess. He never used any makeup to cover his vitiligo. In fact, Dean uses blogs and other public platforms to talk and raise awareness about vitiligo.

Ninu Galot

Ninu is a British India entrepreneur and a raging fitness model. She was diagnosed with vitiligo a long time ago, but she has braved all the odds and stigma and made efforts to bring in awareness.

Ninu later became the spokesperson for “Vitiligo Society of London” and also established a website and Youtube channel for the vitiligo campaign. She is a respected role model for thousands of people living with vitiligo.

Krizz Kaliko

Krizz is a famous rapper, singer, and songwriter from America. He also suffers from vitiligo and does not hide it even in public. In fact, he named his debut album “Vitiligo,” which gave him fame and recognition.

Krizz began his music career in the late 90s, where he both rapped and provided background vocals on several albums. He worked with local rappers and built his name and legacy step by step.

Laura Gregory

Laura is a British model and initially got the white skin patches at the age of 12. Most ladies become beauty conscious at this age, but Laura was being bullied as well as body shamed because of her vitiligo.

She decided to enter the beauty pageants and fashion industry to show that she is beautiful despite her skin condition. She proved that everyone is beautiful in their own unique way and never let your appearance make you sad or depressed.


Several famous people are suffering from vitiligo, yet most have emerged victorious from the social stigma against it. Every person experiencing this condition manages it differently. Some show it proudly and confidently, while others cover their white spots with tattoos or makeup.

There is no quite effective way to handle vitiligo, but treatments such as phototherapy can significantly reduce the symptoms. Your doctor can help you decide the most effective way to cope with the condition and take care of your skin.