Your body does not want to store excess fat anymore. And you’re not going to beat the excess fat in your body by employing complex weight-loss techniques as well as complex calorie-counting gimmicks. Instead, the secret lies in controlling the body’s normal hunger and sleep cycles. This will curb cravings and burn excess fat, sending energy levels high in the process.

Stock your cabinet with fish, nuts, milk, and tart cherries for a completely flat belly. Eat these wholesome foods to help you sleep better, cut more weight, and burn down belly fat in days if not a few months.

Food#1: Fish

fish to burn fatHuman bodies burn more calories to digest protein than fat. If you need the leanest belly burning food out there, turkey is ok. But if you want to cut even more weight, go for fish. Go for omega-3s rich fish meat like tuna or salmon. They will help you in preventing stress chemicals that are responsible for fat abs. They will completely flatten your belly within few months.

Food#: Nuts

eliminate fat belly with nutsGo nuts! Nuts are an incredible source of mood enhancing mineral called magnesium. Minus magnesium, your brain is not going to efficiently regulate melatonin, which can result in a disrupted sleep .Therefore; magnesium is an essential mineral for your body. It’s responsible for telling animals when to hibernate—and for us, lack of it might result in seasonal affective disorder, which usually results in depression.

Why you need nuts

  • Nuts contain considerable amounts of magnesium
  • Nuts are weight-loss friendly

low fat milk belly fat gone

Food#3: Milk

There is a big reason why any woman in the yoghurt commercial fits into her bikini: milk contains calcium which helps to break or prevent the formation of adipose tissue (body fat). Remember, it’s vital that you always go for low-fat and fat-free milk rather than the full-fat brands.

Tart Cherries

beat fatty belly with tart cherriesEating Cherries is a terrific way to burn excess fat to achieve a flat belly. They are rich in melatonin-a sleep inducing hormone. This hormone can also be found in bananas and corns. Though no evidence has been documented on how they help people doze off, numerous studies have shown that such foods can double up the level of melatonin in the human body. Melatonin does not only induce sleep, but it also acts as a powerful source of antioxidant; a vital hormone that protects human cells from continual damage, the sort that can lead to cancer and other terminal diseases.

Eat whole tart cherries. However, if you can’t eat them whole, drinking its juice is another option worth trying. Recent studies have indicated that people who drink 2 glasses of cherry juice per day for 2 weeks will lose more weight than their counterparts who don’t take a single glass. Make a wise decision and burn excess fat to achieve a flat tummy today!