drugs that cause goutGout is a type of inflammatory arthritis which occurs from an excessive buildup of uric acid in the blood. Consequently, needle-shaped crystals get formed in joints resulting in fits of pain, swelling, redness or irritation.

Gout is quite common and it can affect anyone. The condition usually causes random sensations such as sudden stinging or swelling. Some people might even wake up from their sleep from pain caused by gout. The most common symptoms of gout are aching joints, immobility of body parts, and inflammation. There could be several reasons for the activation of gout including certain drug intake.


Uric acid, when it breaks down into smaller components, produces purines which ultimately cause gout. Purines are also found in foods rich in uric acid such as seafood, steaks etc. Another reason for gout is the consumption of beverages that include alcohol such as beer or drinks that have sweetening ingredients in them. Alcohol is one of the most common drugs that is directly linked with gout. People with regular or excessive alcohol intake are more likely to be targeted by gout.

Prescription drugs

There are other drugs such as pyrazinamide, nicotinic acid, ethambutol and cyclosporine which can result in an increased level of uric acid in blood. Besides other factors such as family history, obesity, diet etc. you must also look out for medication that you use on daily basis as it might be contributing to inflammation of joints.


aspirin-causes-goutIt has been stated that non-dietary factors contribute towards the development of arthritis or gout more than diet. Besides alcohol, Aspirin intake is another common drug that is related with gout directly as it is responsible for increasing uric acid. People who have to take aspirin on a daily basis are recommended to use Advil or Tylenol instead. Certain medications related with blood pressure such as diuretics might also be causing gout because while they flush out salt and water they might also block the healthy discharge of uric acid thus causing it to build and cause gout.

In Conclusion

In short, if you have noticed any symptoms of gout such as tingling, burning, immobility of body parts, inflammation or swelling of toes you might want to reduce your alcohol intake. If you take prescription medications check for any formula that might be increasing uric level in the body so that you can ask for an alternative.

It is always better to check in with a professional to confirm the causes of gout and switching medication. Other changes in daily diet will also help in reducing gout and keeping it from developing into a healthy-risking disease. If you notice any symptoms of gout you should also avoid risking crash diets or fasting which result in sudden changes through imbalanced components.

Written by Robert Miller, author of The Gout Eraser – How to Cure Your Gout in 7 Days, GUARANTEED!