Constipation is a very common health issue with is related to an unreliable digestive system. Usually people who suffer from constipation might have three or less than three bowel moments per week. Constipation or infrequent bowel movement is often considered a symptom or indication of other diseases but it is not regarded as a disease itself.

While every person experiences bowel movements at different times, it becomes a problem when gastrointestinal issues keep someone from passing stool for three days a week. It becomes an issue when someone feels strained while passing stool whereas others feel they are not able to complete their bowel discharge completely.

About 42 million people in US suffer from chronic constipation as well. However, constipation does not only cause improper bowel movements, it is often linked with causing severe back pain too. Obstructive constipation can cause back pain by putting pressure on it with all the blocked waste in the body that does not get discharged thoroughly. Your intestines are still at work when defecation does not take place normally which causes the waste to accumulate and act as weight on your lower back.



Different reasons are related to causing constipation in the body such as consuming low-fiber foods, lack of physical activity, lack of enzymes, use of laxatives and consumption of anti-depressants.

Ultimately, a blocked colon will result in causing back aches that put you in worse condition. Sometimes straining while defecating or trying to empty your bowels can also cause back pain by pressurizing spinal disc which is referred to as herniated or slipped disc. Lower back pain can add to your dilemma if you are already facing constipation issues.

Treatment options

However, there are certain ways to get rid of constipation such as adding foods to your diet that are rich in fiber. Dark green vegetables such as broccoli and spinach are rich in fiber and will help you get rid of diseases related to improper digestion. Fruits like apples, pears, guavas, raspberries and mangos are also sources with fiber that should be part of your daily diet if you are suffering from constipation.

Your goal should also be to provide antioxidants that will flush out toxins from the body and keep things flowing. Drinking water, green tea and fresh juices can also play a significant role in getting rid of constipation and other health risks linked with it.

If you are suffering from back pain linked with constipation it is important that you exercise regularly. There are certain yoga programs which are specifically made to promote proper bowel movements and keep digestive system healthy.

You can also take probiotics by checking in with your doctor. Sometimes, treatments such as massage, chiropractic and acupuncture are also helpful in eliminating constipation in people who suffer from chronic constipation. In a nutshell, it becomes clear that back pain and constipation are related. However, if you lead a healthy lifestyle otherwise, it might be good to seek professional advice from your doctor.

Written by Glen Johnson – health consultant, nutritionist, and author of Sciatica SOS.