Flu and cold season is no joke; especially when you have, or work with, children. It’s a constant battle to stay healthy, and sometimes, the Vitamin C pills just don’t cut it. Many of us even lack the time to peel and eat oranges.

Liposomal Vitamin C may just be the thing to get you through every cold and flu season. Liposomal Vitamin C is a supplement that is rich with a pure, high dosage of the amazing antioxidant that is Vitamin C. So, why should you make the switch?

1.    It Is More Absorbent.

Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin, so it has a harder time getting around the cell membranes, which are made up of fatty acids. Because of this, you are not really getting the best benefits the antioxidant has to offer. Plus, the oral tablets can also mess with your belly, and give you an upset stomach.

Because this supplement uses liposomal technology, you will get better effects. You see, liposomes are these nano-sized vehicles that are designed to deliver nutrients directly to the bloodstream. This makes the absorption rate much higher, ensuring that around ninety percent of your cells are boosted with vitamin C.

2.    It Provides Double the Amount of Vitamin C Than Other Supplements or Food.

Numerous research studies have shown that, due to the previously mentioned absorption rate of the supplement, blood concentrations of vitamin c double with liposomal vitamin c. With just one dose, a person can reach a vitamin c concentration levels of 400 umol/ L2.

3.    It Has Cancer-Fighting Properties.

Studies have shown that it’s also effective in fighting cancer. IV Vitamin C acts as a pro-oxidant drug that produces hydrogen peroxide. The hydrogen peroxide targets the cancer cells, and leaves regular cells alone. The vitamin c, in higher concentrations, can also be used to prevent tumor growth and kill cancer cells.

4.    It Can Be as Effective as IV Vitamin C.

According to top experts in the field, six grams of liposomal vitamin c can be equivalent to fifty grams of IV vitamin c. Of course, both oral and IV vitamin c’s are used for different purposes. Oral vitamin c is better for reducing oxidative stress in your body, while IV vitamin c is better suited as a pro-oxidant drug. The biggest difference between the two is the pricing. IV vitamin c is much more expensive than liposomal vitamin c.

5.    Liposomal Vitamin C Will Supercharge Your Immune System.

Liposomal vitamin c loads up your immune system cells, to fight against all forms of illness. The antioxidant will fight against free radicals in your body, while stimulating the growth of disease-fighting cells and encourage the production of important antibodies. This gives your immune system a super boost.

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