Are you having trouble controlling your appetite? Do you get an uncontrollable urge for food? Are you looking for the best tips to suppress your appetite? You don’t have to look any further as this article tackles the best remedies that suppress your appetite.

The strong urge for satisfaction can cause some discomfort. Appetite can be hard to suppress. The urge can occur in any environment, whether social or private, and can create embarrassing situations. Read on for tips on how to suppress your appetite.

How to Suppress Your Appetite
  1. Ingest foods with high fibre content

Food rich in fibre plays an important role when it comes to appetite suppression. The fibre in food is indigestible, taking the form of a complex carbohydrate. The fibre content adds bulk to the food, reducing the emptying rate of the stomach. Besides, fibre can also ferment in the stomach to generate fatty acids, which in turn create the ‘fullness effect.’ Foods rich in fibre also play a significant role in regulating blood sugars and insulin. Fibre intake reduces the quantity of calorie intake and improves digestion.

  • Take food with high protein content

Proteins are known to be food reserves responsible for the growth of the human body. Protein intake suppresses appetite. In a study published by Nature, proteins create a sense of fullness due to the demand for energy to digest them. The demand slows down the need for successive food ingestion. Moreover, proteins promote weight loss while preserving body muscles.

  • Mindful eating

The brain is sometimes referred to as the central processing unit of the human body. It coordinates the activities of the body with the help of other organs. Mindful eating involves the conscious intake of food at set intervals. These intervals also include healthy eating, keeping in mind the impact of each food on human health. To help suppress your appetite, you want to create a schedule where you eat at intervals. The brain will then become conditioned to allow you to eat at those specified times.

In a recent social experiment, it was found that mindful eating was an important aspect that enabled ‘skinny’ individuals to essentially eat whatever they wanted and still remain lean. They also found that aspects such as table seating, ambient light, and even the music the participants listened to, had a profound effect on their metabolism. You can read more about these exciting discoveries here:

=>> Hidden Camera Experiment – Secrets of the Skinny

  • Hydrate

The science of the human body suggests that the human body comprises of mainly water. Water occupies space in the stomach, thus reducing the demand for frequent food intake. Additionally, taking water in between meals eliminates the urge for continuous food intake. It not only reduces ingestion but also boosts body metabolism. So if you are looking for an appetite suppressant, water is a recommendable option.

  • Exercise

Exercise is one of the fitness practices that requires discipline. In most cases, experts recommend exercising as a way to improve human health. Quite often, you will meet people running on the sidewalk in the mornings or evenings as a form of exercise. In this case, the human body becomes accustomed to the need for healthy eating to remain in shape. According to Medical News Today, moderate and intensified workouts create a suppressive impact on the urge to eat. 

Not all exercise is created equal though, and when it comes to fat loss, more intense is not always better. In fact, a ‘weird’ system of yoga has been shown to be more effective for fat loss than traditional cardio. You can watch a free video of this system here:

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  • Avoid stress

When we experience troubling times, we seek an outlet or an escape. Stress eating is one of the most common eating habits among the human population under the effect of pressure. Stress can cause so many unhealthy eating habits. Control of stress suppresses the appetite that you might not be conscious of. Stress-relieving practices such as yoga, meditation, and inspirational reading can create a stress-free balance, which in turn suppresses your appetite.

  • Sleep

Sleep is one of the most therapeutic practices in human life. Sleep deprivation can have a significant negative impact on the body. Lack of sleep creates the need for high energy reserves, which in turn creates the need for carbohydrates. The leptin hormone is responsible for appetite suppression. When you lack enough sleep, the feeling of hunger also grows to cater to the energy needs of the body.

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Bottom Line

From the above discussion, it is evident that appetite can be suppressed through simple practices. As you seek to drop the old habits, it is advisable to approach these new routines with a conscious mind. With the above tips, you are equipped with the necessary tools to suppress your appetite for better health.

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